Early mornings and afternoon over decoys for the serious hunter

South Africa has a great diversity to offer the bird hunter. Bird hunts can be arranged as part of a plains game safari where a morning or afternoon will be taken to experience the bird hunting on offer.

At Nduna we have variety of geese and ducks with the most common being the Egyptian goose, Shell duck, Spur wing goose (heaviest goose in the world), Yellow bill duck, Cape shovellers and various teal species. These birds we shoot at the roost in the evenings as an add on to a plains game safari or in the fields early mornings and afternoon over decoys for the serious hunter.

The grain rich Free State provides a very healthy population of Rock Pigeon, Dove, Guinea fowl, Partridge and Francolin which makes for excellent shooting. These birds are hunted on corn and sunflower crops.  We can do a variety of combo shoots for pigeon/plains game or geese/plains game, these can be tailored for each groups needs.

Like all bird hunting the hunt is very season specific and the best times are from 1 June to 31 August.

Prices are available on request. Please get in touch with us should you require pricing on packages and further information.