Bow Hunting South Africa

Take the trophies of a lifetime

Bow hunting is a mixture of blinds and walk and stalk hunting. Many clients enjoy the challenge of walking and stalking African game. This method requires a lot of patience and skill and can be quite demanding. Our bow hunting area has some fantastic topography and vegetation which provides good cover for walk and stalk hunting. Generally the mornings will be spent on foot and the evenings in a strategically placed blind on food or water. Expect shots of 15 to 60 yards and all scent lock, camo and bow hunting accessories are beneficial. The bow hunting season runs from May through to October when food and water are hard to come by and the animals are more concentrated we need these conditions for a successful safari. Due to the nature and challenge of bow hunting 6 animals in 10 days would be considered a success.

Nduna Hunting Safaris conduct bow hunting safaris on our base camp, Nduna Lodge and on thousands of acres of nearby concession land. This enables us to offer our bow hunting guest the opportunity to hunt the desired species in the best hunting area available.

Professional management and strategic placement of blinds, hides and tree stands offer the Nduna Hunting Safaris bow hunting guest the best chance to take the trophies of a lifetime. The abundance of game on Nduna land and concessions, combined with the large variety of game species in South Africa, gives every bow hunter more hunting opportunities than ever before. Nduna Hunting Safaris is a bow hunter’s paradise.

One of our Professional Hunters is qualified to hunt dangerous game with a bow and will take pride utilising his vast experience and skills to ensure your safety and success in your dangerous game hunt. Nduna Hunting Safaris’ team of well trained professional hunters, trackers and staff will take you on a memorable and exciting Bow Hunting Safari.

Any questions you may have regarding the planning of a bow hunting safari with Nduna Hunting Safaris, we would be happy to discuss with you. Please contact us early as the best bow hunting dates are taken up well in advance.

Frequently Asked Bow Hunting Questions.

What type of bow should I bring and what draw weight should I use?

For plains game hunting, you should bring your normal deer hunting bow. You don’t need a special bow for plains game. Our bow hunting guests use compound, recurve, long bows and crossbows. Most important is that you are familiar with and proficient in shooting the bow you bring. Don’t buy a new bow before your Bow Hunting Safari, use the one you are familiar with.

What type of broadhead should I use?

We recommend a fixed blade, cut on impact, such as the Montec G5.

What kind of blinds do you have?

Nduna Hunting Safaris has pit blinds, small huts built into the ground. They are quite roomy inside. You shoot through vertical slats in the front of the blind.   These blinds are dark inside so concealment is excellent. The blinds have soft earth floors, so animals will not hear your feet movement, even if they are very close. We also use,  tree stands, elevated blinds, natural brush blinds, even pop up ground blinds depending on the quarry species you are hunting and the area.

How should I practise before my Bow Hunting Safari?

Practise on level ground, from tree stands and from inside pop up blinds. This is all good practise. You need to be very capable, 40 yards and closer. Most shots are taken from around 20 yards but you may get a second shot on an animal further away so practise out to 40 yards.

At what range is the normal shot taken?

Most shots are taken at 30 yards or less. This is not carved in stone and longer shots are taken, but typically, 30 yards or less is the normal shot. We strive to keep all shots to 30 yards or less as we don’t want you to spend your hunting time chasing a wounded animal through the bush.

When is the best time to bow hunt in South Africa?

May through October. This is late autumn, winter and early spring in South Africa, so our weather is conducive to comfortable hunting.

Can I hunt dangerous game with my bow?

Yes. One of our Professional Hunters is well experienced in Bow Hunting of Dangerous Game. Regulations require a minimum draw weight of 80 lbs to hunt Cape buffalo. A fixed, heavy, two bladed  broadhead,  that is sharp to the tip is required, to make sure you get maximum penetration on these large animals.   Total arrow weight should be circa 750-900 grains.

Do I need to do anything special for shipping my bow?

A sturdy bow case that is impact resistant. Stronger, the better. Airline baggage handlers are not the gentlest of handlers! Buy a higher quality bow case.   Cheaper, every day bow cases will not protect your bow as well as a better quality case will.

Is it difficult to get my bow into South Africa?

It is very easy to bring a bow into South Africa. Bows are not currently regulated coming into South Africa. Simply pick up your bow at the luggage area and go through customs. Most airlines carry bows without any special procedure, though some airlines make a charge for hunting equipment.