Experience at Nduna (Ian Harford – Realtree’s Chief International Pro Staff)


“Over the past two years I have hunted no fewer than four times with Gavin and his team at Nduna Hunting Safaris. For me, hunting isn’t just a leisurely pastime – it’s a way of life. As Managing Director for International Business and Chief International Pro Staff for Realtree, I have a responsibility to test our partners products in the very toughest environments for which they were designed and built. Nduna has never failed to provide that challenge.

Owner and Professional Hunter Gavin Ingram is an experienced international hunter himself and I find myself learning from him on every stalk – new plants, insect life and even game species. It’s a true pleasure to hunt with someone so experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about the hunt. But it really is up to you and what you want from your time at Nduna. The quality of service in the field is as high as the standard of accommodation back at the lodge. Gavin and his team are dedicated to making your stay both exciting and enjoyable.

I love South Africa – the environment, its people and of course the hunting. Nduna is very much my home from home and has a special place in my heart – I already feel like part of the family. If you’re just looking for another ‘stopover’ on your hunting journey, then Nduna is not for you. There’s something magical about this place that will keep you coming back. I have enjoyed some of my most memorable and challenging hunting experiences here in the East Cape and I look forward to doing so for many years to come.”

Bowhunting at Nduna Hunting Safaris (Ian Harford – Realtree’s Chief International Pro Staff)


“So you think you’re a hunter?  We challenge you to test your skills and experience ‘up close and personal’ with some of the worlds most alert and wary game species, in an environment where every animal is part of the food chain – and knows it. Bowhunting represents the hunter’s ultimate challenge – pitting your skill, patience and tactics against the highly tuned senses of your quarry. It’s the ultimate test of a hunter’s proficiency against the natures most heightened defenses.

Nduna’s landscape offers the perfect environment for your bowhunting adventure. The diverse terrain and flora provide a wide variety for hunting opportunities. The open plains and savannah type landscape are home to herds of blesbuck, black wildebeest and giraffe, whilst the dense acacia and mopane thicket shelters the shy bushbuck, nyala and the most elusive of all – the magnificent East Cape Kudu or ‘Grey Ghost’ as it’s better known.

Not only does Nduna offer an abundance of game in a wide and varied environment, but you decide exactly how you want to hunt your game. Position yourself before light in one of Nduna’s numerous well positioned purpose built blinds for an early morning ambush or enter the ultimate test of the hunter – ‘spot & stalk’ your quarry with one of our expert guides, using the brush and natural cover to mask your approach.

The intensity of the stalk cannot be described. Being so close to your quarry that you can hear it breath – sometimes even it’s heartbeat – is an experience you’ll never forget. But even if you get within range, you’ve still got it all to do – making a 35 yard shot on an impala after crawling on your hands and knees for 300 yards  takes concentration and nerves of steel – but you’ll want to do it again and again. Bowhunting is the ultimate hunting experience and Nduna Hunting Safaris is the ultimate bowhunter’s paradise.”