Vaal Rhebok (Pelea capreolus)

The Vaal Rhebok male weighs in at around 20kg and stands 75cms to the shoulder whilst the female Vaal Rhebok is circa 18kg in weight and around 70cms to the shoulder. The Vaal Rhebok or Grey Rhebok is a medium sized antelope, greyish brown in colour, with thick hair and a white underbelly. The underside of his tail is also white, which can clearly be seen as it runs away.

The Vaal Rhebok is an agile animal, able to jump over fairly high obstacles. Only male Vaal Rhebok have horns, which are pointed and straight. They often live in family groups of 8 – 10, which comprise a male, females and young. Solitary males tend to be territorial. Vaal Rhebok feed any time of the day but they are prone to lying up during the heat of the day. A Vaal Rhebok herd is always cautious and watchful and will run at any sign of danger.

Rifle calibres for Vaal Rhebok are .243 and upwards. Point of aim is up the foreleg and one third into the body. Your PH will access the situation and the body position presented and will advise you accordingly.

Minimum Trophy Measurements   SCI 18   RW 7⅞”