The giraffe is the largest ruminant and the tallest mammal on earth. Large males can top out at nearly 18 feet. Horns are of solid bone and carried by both cows and bulls; they are skin-covered, tufted and thin on the female and thick and bald on top for the male.

They inhabit a variety of plant habitats, from the dry woodlands to the fairly dense low shrub-veld. Always present will be the thorn trees on which he feeds throughout the year. The giraffe is not dependent on water and tends to avoid the very dense bush. They browse mainly during the day, they never lie flat on the ground and rarely sleep. When hunting giraffe, the approach can be very difficult due to the terrain in which they are found. This animal has exceptionally keen eyesight, acute hearing, and a very cautious disposition. Hunting giraffe will most often be done by spot and stalk or tracking his very distinctive spoor. The giraffe has thick, tough skin and will require the same bullet selection as the elephant. Shot placement can be tricky when hunting giraffe; the heart lies in the centre of the chest, far forward and above the shoulder joints.