Common Reedbuck

The Common Reedbuck is a diurnal antelope typically found in Southern Africa. This antelope has an average mass of 58 kg (128 lb) and a body length of about 134–167 cm (53–66 in).The common reedbuck is larger than the mountain Reedbuck. It has a distinctive dark line running down the front of each of its forelegs and lowers hind legs, and whitish rings around the eyes. It has a lifespan of 10 years.

The coat is silky and almost woolly. Its coat ranges between light and greyish-brown and may be lighter on the neck and chest.

 As a herbivore, the reedbuck mainly feeds on grasses. It also eats herbs and reeds.

Hunt common reedbuck near the water as they are water dependent and always found where water is abundant. They will usually present themselves in pairs, but may be found in larger herds, especially during the winter months.

They graze during the cooler parts of the day and often at night. During the heat of the day they tend to lay-up in the reed beds or tall grass. When frightened, they tend to run with a rocking horse movement, tail held high showing its white underside. Your favourite deer rifle will be adequate for hunting reedbuck. The 7mm or .270 is more than adequate. Aim point will be straight up the foreleg about one third into the body.