Cape Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)

This truly majestic antelope, the male standing 1.4mts at the shoulder and weighing circa 225kg, the female 1.2mts to the shoulder and weighing around 150kg, is on the hunting wish list of just about everyone who comes to hunt in Africa. If not the first visit, for sure the second visit! The male Kudu is a big antelope, beautiful, with long spiral horns which set him apart from all the other antelope species. His nickname, The “Grey Ghost of Africa” has a coat of pale-grey to brownish-grey with white vertical stripes down the flanks. There is a distinctive white chevron marking between his eyes, which accentuate the very long spiral horns carried only by the bulls. Kudu cows look similar to the males and lacking horns, their ears are very prominent. Both sexes have white beneath the tail and a highly visible hump on the shoulder.

The Kudu tends to browse on leaves, fresh sprouts, seedpods, and fresh grass in the early morning and late afternoon, usually lying up during the heat of the day. This majestic antelope forms family groups of 6 to 12, mostly cows and calves, with the bulls only joining the herd during mating season. Kudu Bulls form bachelor herds or become solitary. For all his size, the Kudu is a graceful animal in flight. A Kudu can jump remarkably high for his size and in spite of the long horns, Kudu bulls travel at great speeds through the bush, laying their horns low along their backs. Hunting a Kudu can be extremely challenging, as the “Grey Ghost of Africa” is very wily, very elusive, with exceptional sense of hearing, sight and smell. The Kudu is a magnificent trophy. Rifles of.270/7mm up to the .300 Magnums are the order of the day for Kudu.

Minimum Trophy Measurements   SCI 121   RW 53⅞

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