Cape Eland (Taurotragus oryx)

Cape Eland Bulls standing 1.7mts at the shoulders and weighing in at 700kg plus and Cape Eland Cows standing 1.5mts at the shoulders and weighing 460kg make this species the biggest of the antelope family. This large, spiral horned antelope, with the thick neck, hump and dewlap can weigh as much as 1000kg.

Cape Eland are greyish brown in colour, the older males developing a bluish grey around the neck. Bulls and cows both carry horns, the horns of the bull being shorter and heavier than those of the cows. Cape Eland are found in small herds of 8 – 10, with larger herds sometimes seen.

Cape Eland like open woodland and flat veld with scrub but can also handle fairly steep mountainous terrain. Cape Eland are surprisingly good jumpers and they can clear obstacles up to 2mts. Cape Eland trophy bulls are not an easy stalk. They are not easy to approach to within shooting range, so a challenging hunt is almost guaranteed.

Rifles of .30 calibre are the minimum recommended for the Cape Eland with 9.3mm and .375 calibres frequently being used. As with all hunted species, shot placement is very important.

Minimum Trophy Measurements   SCI 77   RW 35”